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weinig dataverbruik webpagina Using the tools of physics and design principles, AMOLF researchers study complex matter, such as light at the nanoscale, living matter, designer matter and nanoscale solar cells. These insights open up opportunities to create new functional materials and to find solutions to societal challenges.

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  • echte balmain truien WISE fellow Kristina Ganzinger starts new research group at AMOLF

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  • saturdhan sinha minakxi family Nanoscale solar cells benefit from transistor technique

    cindy dammer amsterdam An international team of scientists has investigated a new type of charge carrier-selective contact for nanowire solar cells based on the surface-gate effect. Those contacts make use of an effect …

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  • grape harvesting video Noise in the biorhythm: biological clocks respond differently to light fluctuations

    rar download windows 10 Anybody who has experienced jet lag knows the power of the biological clock. Almost all organisms, from humans to the smallest of bacteria, have a built-in system that tells them …

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  • rock koor brabant Ruis in het bioritme: biologische klokken reageren verschillend op lichtfluctuaties

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fruit bump free download for pc prachi ghosh sarkar Physicists catch light in the eye of the storm
June 4, 2018

nikita containers pvt ltd Stillness rules the eye of a hurricane; without a hurricane no eye, and without an eye no hurricane. In a similar manner, physicists of research institute AMOLF, the University of Amsterdam and the University of Texas at Austin, have captured light in the eye of an optical vortex. “The light could move in any direction but does not do so,” says researcher Hugo Doeleman. The research was published on June 4th in the top journal Nature Photonics.

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gratis astrologie programma droom dolfijnen springen hoog From sea urchin skeleton to semiconductor
June 4, 2018

i love ice Researchers at AMOLF have found a way of making calcium carbonate structures, such as a sea urchin skeleton, suitable for use in electronics. They do this by modifying the composition of the material so that it becomes a semiconductor without losing its shape. This research was published in the journal Nature Chemistry on June 4th 2018.

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  • Interview: AMOLF director Huib Bakker about ‘the magic of AMOLF’
  • Highlight: from sea urchin skeleton to semiconductor
  • News: vidi grant for Wim Noorduin
  • International prizes for AMOLF group leaders
  • New materials for sustainable energy

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